OPC Address Space Editor OPC UA Modeler

Flexing Modeler is the world's first modeling tool that implements CPS based on OPC UA Address Space. You can experience simple device setup with Drag & Drop GUI method.

Flexing CPS - OPC UA Modeler diagram

OPC UA Modeler
Device/process modeling data uninterrupted CPS Server delivery
The device is modeled in a graphic environment with OPC UA, an international standard industrial protocol.
Modeler's device modeling and process modeling are immediately reflected in CPS Server
All Address Space data within the CPS server is converted to HTTP protocol immediately, and services within the web browser
OPC NodeSetXML standard use definition
Standard XML definition allows import / export with other modeler XML
Define nodes, methods, and alarms according to OPC standards
Industrial protocol conversion through modeling
Convert to Modbus, Fanuc, LS XGT Device OPC UA Protocol
Non-standard protocol data can be parsed and converted to OPC UA protocol
Flexing CPS Modeler

Real-time address space reflection

Easy GUI
Set up devices to collect using Drag & Drop convenient GUI method/dd>
Real-time address space reflection
Unlike other OPC UA Modeler, it automatically configures/adds/changes OPC UA Address Space in realtime
Real-time monitoring
After creating models of machines/robots, apply them to the server in real time, and dynamically check OPC communication