MES(Manufacturing Execution System) Flexing MES

Flexing MES(Manufacturing Execution System) allows you to directly purchase specialized equipment according to the characteristics of a company, and reduce double cost expenditures through ICT-based development to establish a practical real-time production management system.

Real-time production information collection and sharing
JIT (Just In Time) standard production plan preparation
Barcode, PLC, POD-real-time production data
ERP and CPS linkage
Application of real-time production status module, linked with ERP information and CPS
Identify the site within 1 minute
Real-time factory/process status display
Interworking with various IoT devices
Systematic LOT tracking management system
Barcode management function according to process
Simplify work
Reduces the hassle of moving office-site and paperwork by registering/managing all data generated at the production site in real time
Improve efficiency
Production plans and work instructions can be viewed by field workers in real time, increasing the efficiency and productivity of workers
Improve accuracy
It is possible to collect more reliable data by sending and receiving data directly from the facility using the CPS function.
  • mes_dashboard_실시간 정보 수집 및 공유Real-time production information collection and sharing
  • mes_dashboard_1분 내 현장파악Identify the site within 1 minute
  • mes_dashboard_ERP 및 CPS 연계ERP and CPS linkage
  • mes_dashboard_다양한 IOT 장비 연동Interworking with various IoT devices