ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Flexing ERP

Flexing ERP is a factory-specific ERP, as well as logistics/account integration, that can simultaneously manage facility productivity and labor productivity management centered on human resources (process) by reflecting customer characteristics as much as possible.

Computerized documents related to finance, tax, budget, etc.
Sales Management
Real-time sharing and safe storage of customer delivery documents, item price, order registration, etc.
Purchase Management
Real-time data management of purchase requests, order status, and warehousing status
Personnel Management
Integrate management and communication such as salary, recruitment, job evaluation, attendance, and schedule
Inventory Management
Real-time sharing and safe storage of raw and subsidiary materials, semi-finished products, and products
Production Management
MPS and MRP are shared as real-time data by relevant departments to increase field productivity
Customized design for each company
Provides customer-specific solutions that analyze and design business characteristics of companies
Real-time data aggregation and archiving
Increase the efficiency of data aggregation by utilizing the cloud and store data stably with a high-level security policy by using mirroring technology
Flexible scalability
Using standardized SDK to improve solution quality and provide linking function with MES and other systems
  • erp_dash_board_영업관리ERP DashBoard Sales management
  • erp_dash_board_인사관리ERP DashBoard personnel management
  • erp_dash_board_판매관리ERP DashBoard sales management
  • erp_dash_board_재고관리ERP DashBoard inventory management
  • erp_dash_board_구매관리ERP DashBoard purchase management
  • erp_dash_board_생산관리ERP DashBoard production management