Smart Factory Education Kit Flexing Edukit

Flexing Edukit composes a more practical curriculum using UVC teaching tools based on OPC UA, an industrial protocol standard.

Why we need to adopt FLEXING EDUKIT

Practical Curriculum
Composition of curricula based on specialized training courses in smart factories
Field-like Practical Environment
Practical environments with process modeling and simulation, as well as embedded devices, action modules, dashboards, etc. that are identical to real-world system.
Complete understanding of Smart Factory communication platform
Practitioners and students can understand standard communication platforms using multiple individual OPC UA embedded devices
edukit Configuration

FLEXING EDUKIT Equipment, FLEXING EDUKIT Manual, OT Lesson plans for teachers, IT Lesson plans for teachers,


Unit 1 unloading process, Unit 2 processing process, Unit 3 sorting process, Conveyor belt, Color sensor, Vision sensor, Control PLC, HMI, Edge computer

flexing edukit portal screen

You can access the EDUKIT Portal and use the Dashboard
EduKit Portal

flexing edukit dashboard screen

How to use FLEXING EDUKIT in various ways

for OT
Factory Configuration flexing edukit

Kit assembly, learning factory configuration via wire connection

PLC control configuration flexing edukit

Provide PLC Memory Map Protocol document

Ladder Programming flexing edukit

PLC operation and ladder programming

Sensor and motor control flexing edukit

Sensor data collection and equipment control through Edge

HMI operation practice flexing edukit

HMI operation practice used in real factory

HMI Production flexing edukit

HMI Screen Configuration and Operation

for IT
Vision image recognition practice flexing edukit

Vision image recognition practice using Python code

OPC UA modeling practice flexing edukit

OPC UA Standard Server Modeling

OPC UA Protocol Interworking flexing edukit

TAG value linkage

Production Efficiency Control flexing edukit

Learning the relationship between machine speed and demand growth

Dashboard Configuration flexing edukit

Education Kit Dashboard Configuration

Data Analysis flexing edukit

EDUKIT data analysis

Flexing Edukit Video