Digital Twin Flexing CPS Solution

You can create various CPS applications with UVC's Flexing CPS platform.

Flexing CPS Block Diagram

Flexing OPC UA Solution Flexing CPS Diagram
Graphics-based modeling
OPC UA modeling design with standard information modeling
Real-time Address Space Addition, Change, Deletion / NodesetXML file Creation
Supports easy modeling creation with graphic-based drag method
Providing easy model creation function by importing and modifying modeling
Centralized Address Space
Standard OPC UA Address Space Specification
Management with one integrated address space of the factory
Integration of several OPC UA Servers in the factory field into one in a hierarchical structure
For horizontal data exchange, external systems only need a central address space
Increased interoperability with 3rd parties
Integration of industrial networks with standard OPC UA protocol
Gateway system that interconnects different fieldbuses
Supports conversion of OPC UA protocol to Rest API
Generate MQTT signals considering cloud interworking and scalability
Real-time data collection and data analysis
Real-time data EDA processing and management
Model creation function of various algorithms using collected data
Real-time anomaly detection and alarm
Transfer Judgment Model to Edge and Reflect in CPS

Application Cases for Automotive Parts Factory in Ansan

Company A Midsize Manufacturing Company

  • Sales of 200 billion won
  • Annual net profit of 2 billion
  • Have 10 lines
  • Build full automation technology

Smart Factory Consulting

Promoting Smart Factory Consulting
Smart Factory Consulting
Existing CPS Consulting Flexing CPS Consulting
Building cost 4 billion Building cost 400 million
Data integration problem Enable data integration with OPC UA and Edge technologies
Lack of outcome assurance and deployment expertise Have CPS expertise
Data Integration and Interworking
Solve the problem of integration and interworking of robot and facility data from multiple manufacturers
Cost reduction
Reduced burden on excessive smart factory building costs
Possess professional skills
Solve adoption decision-making problems due to uncertainty and lack of expertise
  • FLEXING CPS MonitoringFLEXING CPS Monitoring
  • FLEXING CPS Profile MakerFLEXING CPS Profile Maker
  • FLEXING CPS Machine LearningFLEXING CPS Machine Learning

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