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B-Scada Products [Exclusive Distributor]


Introduction of B-Scada Product

1) Conception of B-Scada

  • Flexible and advanced SCADA solution that information modeling adds structure and consistency to the SCADA system to improve production quality, reduce the risk and associated costs, accelerate time to get into market
  • Display the data in real-time for OPC DA, OPC UA, OPC HAD, OPC AE and OPC XAML DA Server
  • Data is available from an ODBC database
  • Create custom data sources to import data from anywhere
  • Offers an OPC server for about hundreds of devices and interfaces

2) Strong Point of B-SCADA

  • Gather and organize data from about thousands of potential sources for real-time visualization, automation, and analysis
  • Data is collected from various locations and aggregated into the information models
  • The system is open and accessible through the REST, OPC UA or the .NET object model
  • The client can be viewed on any high-performance with Windows client or any other mobile device that supports HTML 5, covering iPhone, iPad, Android devices and desktop browsers

3) Applicable Fields

  • The fast-paced Smart Factory compared to the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • On-site where needs the integrated control of equipment and facilities using various manufacturers and specifications

(Necessities of B-Scada Product

1) Response to the arrival of the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Flexible response against to vary in the internal and external environment and manufacturing operations that require conversion to a more efficient operating environment
  • The passive manufacturing sites in active way responded to the needs of customers to meet the needs of small-scaled production
  • The fields that need to improve productivity by linking with manufacturing support partners (SCM related companies, etc.)

(Expectation Effectiveness of B-Scada Product

1) Reduce the manufacturing costs and accommodate its diverse customer needs

  • Improved manufacturing facility efficiency based on Smart Factory Solution
  • Reduce the costs by improving facility and equipment operation rate
  • Ensuring price competitiveness
  • Improve the product quality
  • Facility and equipment management with HMI etc