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Smart Factory Solution


Introduction of Smart Factory Solution

1) Conception of Smart Factory Solution

    The existing Smart Factory solutions are generally products that only receive and monitor data from some sensor / equipment / facilities except for the large and expensive solutions. Our company’s Smart Factory solution is a true Smart Factory solution by using OPC UA to integrate various sensors and equipment into all in one standard, and it is possible to optimize production without being limited by manufacturer or different characteristics.

2) Strong point of Smart Factory Solution

  • Easy connection of existing configuration system such as ERP / BI
  • Control of many different sensor / equipment / facility tags through OPC UA and flexible management of future extended tag management
  • Intuitive and easy GUI configuration for operators and users
  • Various types of Machine Learning and Deep Learning for process control, and also AI as well

3) Applicable Fields

  • Various manufacturing sites and plants that need manufacturing innovation in preparation for each 4th Industrial Revolution

Necessities of Smart Factory Solution

1) Response to the arrival of the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Flexible response against to vary in the internal and external environment and manufacturing operations that require conversion to a more efficient operating environment
  • The passive manufacturing sites in active way responded to the needs of customers to meet the needs of small-scaled production
  • The fields that need to improve productivity by linking with manufacturing support partners (SCM related companies, etc.)

Expectation Effectiveness of Smart Factory Solution

1) Reduce the manufacturing costs and accommodate its diverse customer needs

  • Improved manufacturing facility efficiency based on Smart Factory Solution
  • Reduce the costs by improving facility and equipment operation rate
  • Ensuring price competitiveness
  • Improve the product quality
  • * Facility and equipment management with HMI etc.