S/W Solution and Product

Facility Management Solution


Introduction of Facility Management Solution

1) Conception of Facility Management Solution

  • Implement the IT technology as an overall technology that boosts the productivity of the company throughout the life cycle of the equipment from each survey, plan, design, production, installation, operation and maintenance to disposal
  • Realization of efficient management by establishing a plan maintenance system through facility management information derived from the material management, work management and preventive maintenance check

2) Strong Point of Facility Management Solution

  • Easy connection of existing configuration system such as ERP / PIS / AMS
  • Directly control of facilities via OPC UA and expansion of future facilities management
  • Intuitive and easy GUI configuration for users and operators
  • Support the mobile and cross browsing

3) Applicable Fields

  • The facilities that require focused management and operation of facilities such as various manufacturing sites and plants

Necessity of Facility Management Solution

1) Utilizing the equipment and assets that optimized for production

  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) has evolved into a strategic concept that focuses on the utilization of assets to optimize production. The Facility Management system needs to have advanced elements such as real-time processing through ERP interworking and reinforcement of management at all times.

2) Improvement of power plant management and availability

  • In addition to this facility function, we analyze facility operation status by adding special functions such as construction design, progress report, development suspension management, safety management to establish maintenance and inspection plan in advance and to improve CBM / TBM / BM to improve facility availability.

Expectation Effectiveness of Facility Management Solution

1) Reduces costs and improves productivity

  • Standardize work and increase IT efficiency
  • Reduced TCO for facility inspection and management
  • Improved productivity and improved equipment life
  • Reduced equipment downtime and increased operating time during maintenance
  • * Reduced cost of maintenance activities such as maintenance, disposal, training and maintenance costs