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Tool Management Solution


Introduction of Tool Management Solution

1) Conception of Tool Management Solution

  • 각A solution that manages the life cycle from purchases to disposal of various on-site tools on the web. While traditional tool management is generally sub-function of the inventory management solution and only functions with limited applications, but this is an independent solution that offers more useful functions. This solution is quite convenient to connect with various concerned-system that consisted of SSO, and also possible to improve the working efficiency and cost savings by the characteristics of comfortable and intuitive GUI, which is able to fast installation and tool operation. All these functions can be used in mobile, and cross browsing available in various browsers, and many different functions such as storing result in Excels for convenience, which also applicable in specific site as well.

2) Strong Point of Tool Management Solution

  • Conveniently connect the existing system such as the one with ERP (SSO etc.)
  • Intuitive and convenient GUI consisted
  • Support the mobile and cross browsing

3) Applicable Fields

  • The business site that need to manage operating tools such as various manufacturing sites

Necessity of Tool Management Solution

1) Increase the improvement of tool management

  • Reduces waste of various expenses caused by tool management by existing manual work

2) Improve work efficiency

  • Improved work efficiency due to availability of tool in the right place and prevention of safety accident due to management of current state of tool Work efficiency and productivity, the reduction of various management

Expectation Effectiveness of Tool Management Solution

1) Cost Savings and working efficiency improvement

    : Improvement of work efficiency and productivity, the reduction of various management costs, boost of tool management efficiency and convenience, and reduction of tool loss and prevention of non-occurrence with negligent accident by tool condition management, etc.