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Industrial IoT Server


Introduction of Industrial IoT Server [OPC UA]

1) Conception of industrial IoT Server

  • The IoT Server that integrates with a variety of virtual systems covering sensors, equipment, and facilities using various types of industry standards through an OPC UA specification. By using this vertical integration, the manufacturer can be the base one for implementing the Smart Factory, and various plants is able to achieve the production intelligence
  • Functions: Interconnects the OPC UA and ERP, Session/Node Manager, Historian, etc.

2) Strong Point of Industrial IoT Server

  • Possible to control and interconnect the facility/devices by using OPC UA standard: Industrial Sensor, Various Devices, PLC/DCS, Gas & Steam Flow Computer, Mass Flow Meter, AIM etc.

3) Applicable Field (The applicable fields that Industrial IoT server could fit into is generally three parts)

  • Personal IoT Market: Make people convenient and comfortable service (Smart Car, Healthcare, Smart Home, etc.)
  • Public IoT Market: Provide the safety and fresh environment from environmental pollution, disaster
  • Industrial IoT Market: Provide the new added-value by adding the IoT technology in existing manufactures

Necessity of Industrial IoT Server [OPC UA]

1) The Site OR Entrepreneur that in need of various IoT

  • Efficiently perform the status monitoring from individual sensor to machine/process with plant

2) Integrate the products in various vendor

  • The site or business that requires integrated monitoring and control of existing and brand-new installed products from various vendors

Expectation Effectiveness of Industrial IoT Server

1) Integrate the system and devices

    : Applicable not only Smart Factory with simple sensor measurement received but also CPS, Flexible to interconnect the various sensor/device facility later by using OPC UA