S/W Solution and Product

Integrated physical-security Solution


Introduction of Integrated physical-security Solution

1) Conception of Integrated physical-security Solution

  • The massive access control system that require of interconnection between various devices and integrated control
  • Target: Integrated Control such as Access Control, CCTV, Fire, Elevator, Parking lot, etc.

2) Strong Point of Integrated physical-security Solution

  • Various facility/devices interconnection and control by using OPC UA standard: CCTV interconnection controls, elevator, parking lot, etc.
  • * Conveniently connect the Legacy system such as ERP, Academic Program Network, etc.
  • Intuitive and comfortable GUI consists and possibility of 2D or 3D controls

3) Applicable fields

  • The business sites or complex area where the massive physical security system needs: university, industrial complex, government office, local security company

Necessity of integrated physical security solution

1) Efficient physical-security solution

  • Operate the access control, elevator, CCTV, facility in factory as one solution

2) Overcome the limitation of existing integrated physical-security

  • Replacement of existing solution that is not able to control various targets to be controlled and new construction

Expectation Effectiveness of integrated physical-security solution

1) Integrated Control

    : Possibility of integrated control from simple access control to convergence security (Possible to various facility control such as access control, elevator, parking lot), Possession of flexibility of expansion and interconnection by using OPC UA

2) Possible to extended application of Smart Factory later in case of manufacture or plant site

3) Possible to interconnect with BIMS/BEMS/FIMS/FEMS/FMS that we own

4) Secure the company competitiveness by saving the introduction/operation expenses