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Getting to know us better

UVC was established in 2010 and built a variety of systems necessary for u-City. We have been focusing on ICT-converged businesses based on the experience of designing and building Remote Control and Monitor solutions and SCADA system in many countries and local industrial complexes.

With years of experienced skills, UVC possesses its own 3D Engine, GIS Engine and Access Control Engine and so on and as a member of the International Organization Standardization, we develop and provide the Korea’s first commercial OPC UA Server. UVC is a high-technology company converging HW and SW. We gather and control data through Wired and Wireless Communication, build a Server System for analysis and distribution of data using Big Data and also develop RTU hardware to collect IOT data in Smart Factory.

UVC employees are committed themselves to their field to make our company the most prominent one in the Industrial Technology field by the year2020. In addition, under the spirit of “happy work place”, UVC tries to realize the work-life balance environment and support in variety ways to make everyone happy because we believe “Our happiness can maximize the customer satisfaction.


Getting to know us better

ICT (Information and Communications Technologies)

ICT(Information and Communications Technologies)is a technology that converges Information and Communication. It advances existing services and products as well as creates new products and services based on every industry and business infrastructure. UVC creates various solutions and services that connects people and objects which is more than just the Internet that connects people based on IoT. Ultimately, we would like to contribute to realize the hyper-connected society.

  • Plant Remote Management and Control System
    Our system inspects information of energy supplied to customers from the power plant in real-time. And remote management and control can be done by 3D Control solution. It is equipped with Anterior and Posterior products for Combined Heat & Power plant’s remote management and control. It is a solution with active interface between Heat Charge Server and CRM server. We also produce RTU Hardware that sends and collects data from sensors and machines in remote places. In addition to this, we have modification modules for precise measurement of heat and have systems that integrates remote meter reading server and control server.

  • 3D Engine Solution(3D VR, 3D Security, 3D GIS, 3D Facility Management)
    - Provide the Solution for managing houses and large scale facilities such as ports with 3D VR and realize the user-friendly UX projecting both 3D and 2D layers
    - Integrating 3D engine and GIS engine to manage the underground facilities in the industrial complexes and cities, to monitor environment information and to provide U-Service.
    - Intuitive and comprehensive inspection of wide area with 3D Control and user defined screen function through controlling by layers
    - Offer various Location Service using GIS coordinate and user defined warning alarms using logical operations
    - Interlock diverse security equipment using OPC UA and flexibly respond to additional interlocking.

  • SI (System Integration)

  • CCTV Control System
    - Field Supervision Solution through CCTV
    - Monitor in real-time up to 64CCTV at the same time with Single Server and automatically process servers Load Balancing with Parallel Server support.
    - Support customized Media format changes in the Server and slide function and user-defined screen composition.
    - Interlock with Access Control Server enables easy access to check and show instantly pop-up videos from Alarm lists.

  • ERP(Resort, Plant, Energy)
    - Solutions builds ERP and various services specialized in Resort, Plant, Energy
    - Manage diverse resources efficiently
    - Devices for creating fundamental data of in/out of company provides collecting and processing function based on OPC UA
    - Support Managerial Decision Making and Operation Control using accumulated data

  • Resort Solution
    - Solution to efficient housekeeping with intuitive menu composition for Resort Operation
    - Cut costs through managing profit-orientated facilities
    - Manage and Control each device at the resort interlocking with OPC UA - ERP Interlocking
    - Provide the service for management of resort room reservation, resort maintenance and contracts with clients

  • Hardware

  • RTU for IOT
    - RTU equipment to collect data from IOT field
    - RTU 300T applied u-City is in Service (Pangyo Newtown)
    - RTU 300L,LTE are wireless communication based products (Banwol Industrial Complex)

  • Combined Heat SCADA
    - RTU is applied to Remote Control System in Combined Heat & Power plant installed at the 400 locations in 3 domestic power plants.
    - RTU 500 is a communication based product containing DI/DO and other external ports.
    - Build Intelligent Enclosure (Encrypted Digital door, Automatic Temperature Control Device, power supply and rectification)

  • Access Control Main Device
    - SW configuration based on Window 10 OS operation service
    - Select a wide range of output port type by external link port board option
    - With built-in battery it can operate 24hours without power built-in battery
    - Connect to various server through TCP and LTE communication

  • Solution

    What we deliver to you

    S/W Solution and Product

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    H/W Solution and Product

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    What we have accomplished

    • PowerPlant 3D Remote Management and Control


      This is the description
    • Tunnel Control


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    • Caps 3D Control

      Access Control

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    • Guam Security


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    • Kiosk


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    • u-City


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    • 3D GIS


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    • UVC CCTV 3D


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    • Heat charge


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    • Tank terminal ERP/Resort ERP


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    • Wep Groupware


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    What's New

    UVC What's New

    Portfolio Thumbnail EUREKA Innovation Week

      일시 : 2017.05.15.~2017.05.19.

      장소 : 스페인 바르셀로나.

      개요 및 성과 : 한국이 2009년 유럽 44개 회원국이 참여하는 범유럽 공동 R&D 협의체 '유레카(Eureka)'에 가입한 뒤 매년 의장국과 공동 개최하는 기술협력 콘퍼런스로서,당사는 현지에서 터키의 C사와 컨소시업 협약식을 통해 OPC UA를 이용한 보다 나은 CPS (Cyber Physical Systems)을 개발하기로 함.

      소개 : 당사 소개페이지

    Portfolio Thumbnail ADT Caps SightCube

      • 대규모 Enterprise 사용장을 위한 출입통제 시스템을 국제 표준 프로토콜인 OPC UA로 구축

      • BACNet 프로토콜로 Building Automation 연동

      • Media Engine으로 여러 CCTV 벤더 통합

      • 2D EMap 관제

    Portfolio Thumbnail OPC Foundation

      • UVC OPC Foundation Member 가입

      국내 최초 OPC UA로 IoT Server 구현

    Getting Here

    UVC provides the best solutions tailored to our customer’s needs

    • Address

      25, Simin-daero 248beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

    • Phone

      031) 346 5497

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    • Car

      (Citizens daero) in Anyang City Hall -> Indeogwon / Gwacheon Area -> Intersection Pyeongchon Station ( E-Mart ) GS Power Anyang offices across

    • Subway

      Pyeongchon Station Line 4 , Exit 3 -> Indeogwon area from Pyeongchon Station Intersection ->300m Straight-> GS Power Anyang offices Across(About 10 minutes)